Nicole Olson – Ohio

I found Ohio Broker Direct through a co-worker who was contemplating whether to list her home “FSBO”, utilize Joan’s MLS service or to list with a realtor. As a single female looking to sell her first home I had decided long ago I wanted to attempt to sell my condo without a realtor but wanted an opportunity to get the exposure the MLS listings offer. After looking the website I thought the deal just seemed too good to be true. I figured there must be some “hidden fees” somewhere… I researched some other broker’s offering the MLS service and then came back to Ohio Broker Direct. I returned for several reasons. First and foremost was the prompt communication style. I would send an email and within the hour I would have a response…usually within minutes. On top of that it was understood I was going through this for the first time and everyone spoke to me in terms I could understand and made the entire process less intimidating. They always gave me an honest opinion and offered professional advice when I needed it most. The final quality I’d like to mention that definitely separates Ohio Broker Direct from the rest, was the willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the finalization of the sale of my condo. I received an offer in two weeks after listing and happened to be heading out of town for the weekend that same day. I was in a panic wondering how I was going to get through the negotiation phase when I was miles away from my condo. I received a call that morning and told me exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. I’d like to mention Joan was at a funeral this day and stepped out to make the call to me. This further demonstrated to me how much she genuinely cares about her customers, reputation and business. Good customer service is definitely lacking in business transactions these days but hands down Joan and everyone at Ohio Broker Direct exceeded my expectations in every way. It was because of Ohio Broker Direct my first offer was the buyer who ended up purchasing my condo. In this market I never imagined I would have an offer in 2 weeks and especially by doing it on my own. After this experience I will most definitely utilize this service again and will tell everyone I know about what they offer-Not only the MLS listing service, but more importantly the intangible services provided. Thanks again for everything!

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