Megan Kropf – Ohio

Dear Joan, I wanted to write you a note and let you know how Ohio Broker Direct helped me with the sale of my house. My husband and I got married about a year and half ago and we decided to build a new home to start our lives together in. We were both already living in our own homes so we immediately put his house on the market with a local agent. After several months his sold and although we didn’t make a profit on the home, at least we were done with it before our new home was finished and a mortgage started. My townhouse was built new when I moved in and was only 7 years old at the time I listed it. Thinking it would sell in a minute, I was actually a little concerned putting it on the market too early. I first started by paying the FOR SALE BY OWNER website and didn’t see much action. I went from one realtor to another as the months passed by, eventually lowering the asking price to about $30,000 less than what I paid for it about 7 years ago. With that price, we both knew we would be paying money to sell the house. We grew to desperation as months turned into years and started thinking about a short sale or foreclosure. I knew that the choice we made to get a new home without having sold ours first was a risk but I NEVER thought in a million years we would have been in the position we were in. Walking away was an easy way out but I wasn’t yet willing to ruin my credit and wanted to maintain responsibility for the actions we took when buying a new home. The house became such a hassle not to mention the expenses involved and working with realtors was frustrating. Ohio Broker’s Direct sold a house down the street from me so I thought I would look into it. I realized that paying money up front wasn’t something that you did with a normal real estate agency, so it was a risk but if I could get it sold, it would pay off! I took the chance and signed with Joan. The process was surprisingly easy and I felt anything that other realtors did was what Joan was offering, listing on the MLS sites, showings, open houses at my own convenience. The nicest thing about this process was the fact that I was able to show my own house, meet the buyer, meet the agent and get immediate feedback. So many times while listed with major agencies, I didn’t get feedback and many times didn’t even know when someone was going through my home! Unlike realtors who go blindly into a house and don’t know the positive things to point out, I was able to adjust my selling techniques based on the buyer. I was able to point out the great location, why I liked living there, there was plenty of storage, etc. These things were imperative since the house was in a development of about 100 town homes that were all identical. The gentleman who bought my house was a first time buyer so I was able to add in the furniture would be included with the house and I truly believe that is what made him buy. Although we still had to pay money to sell, we got rid of the house and we were able to save just under $10,000 in realtor fees using Ohio Broker Direct. I have recommended them to so many people who are hurting to sell in this economy. Joan was even extremely helpful until the day it closed. Her involvement was anything but limited and she helped with any questions I had and I felt she looked out for me when I needed representation and guidance. I was listed for 2 years with other agencies. I sold in 3 months after listing with Ohio Broker Direct and I sold in the middle of WINTER, which is supposed to be the slow time! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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