Testimonal from another satisfied customer!


After not having sold a home in 27 years we were filled with trepidation and very nervous. After discounting ‘full service’ realtors due to their extreme expense and limited return, we decided on Ohio Broker Direct Direct. Joan was knowledgeable, forthright, direct and more helpful than any realtor we had dealt with in our search. After the home sold, Joan stayed right with us when there were concerns about added charges and document wording issues. She added a ‘pit bull’ mentality when needed and ‘hand holding’ when needed. Her response time was simply amazing. Our home sold to a buyer with a ‘full service’ agent and our response time was as good ,if not better. I have over 30 years of experience in business sales with much success. If you value your hard earned money and are willing to take care of your own appointments, pictures and open houses, I strongly recommend Joan and Ohio Broker Direct. $800 vs 6%??? C’mon—no brainer!!! Mike Radey, Brecksville Ohio