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Websites that download from the MLS are in a constant state of change, beyond our control, however, most are constant. These sites down load from different MLS’s, at different times, and in different areas, some are slow to down load, while others are fast. We also have very limited control over the content within these sites. However, many real estate companies do not offer these new bonus sites. We cannot guarantee that your listing will show up on or any of these bonus sites plus many more not displayed above, as each MLS establishes their own contracts with different sites. Websites pull listing information as permitted by the local MLS & Board of Realtors into which the listing is uploaded and the owners of the websites who choose to pull information from the IDX system. Ohio Broker Direct, LLC does not have control over the rules and regulations of these entities – rules and regulations are subject to change at anytime.


Testimonials from our loyal customers



Our listing went live in the last 24 hours. We received our first call before 9:00 AM this morning, had 3 showings received 3 offers and have accepted one with a second perhaps as a secondary. Can’t beat that performance.  Robert
I want to thank you for your professionalism and assistance. Particularly in light of the fact that our arrangement was a flat fee, I found your responsiveness to be excellent, and the quality of your services were also excellent. For anyone else who is thinking of trying to sell their home using a flat fee MLS service, I would highly recommend they use you.Christopher


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