Art of the Deal

Purchasing real estate may be a life changing proposition, and whether you are utilizing our buyer rebate program or retaining full service representation throughout, partnering with an experienced agent makes all the difference. Ohio Broker Direct offers experience and finesse in navigating the complexities of today’s market including the sourcing of inventory, negotiation strategies and conglomeration of loan products while facilitating your transaction from pre-acquisition stages to closing.


Researching the marketplace extends beyond viewing properties available for sale in traditional listing systems such as the MLS. The evaluation of market data, trends and statistics are crucial factors to be considered prior to preparing an offer to purchase.


A real estate transaction is extremely complex and involves the analytical & psychological process, identifying target properties, extensive paperwork and compliance with volumes of rules and regulations. Ohio Broker Direct facilitates negotiations to the best interests of our clients and customers.


Service providers will be required throughout various stages of your purchase. Ohio Broker Direct has an extensive network of appraisers, contractors, home inspector(s), insurance agents, lenders (alternative and traditional), and title companies to maximize your return on investment.


Ohio Broker Direct has a responsibility to ensure our client(s) needs are met with the utmost confidence, loyalty and care from the moment of first contact, throughout the purchasing process and long after closing. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!

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